Pyramix Project’s new single

Pyramix Project released their last single “2020”. A groovy electronic track that shares reflections from the quarantine times. Produced by Pyramix Project, ft Psychonaut (San Francisco CA), mixed and mastered by Germán Cotonat in Planta Baja Studio in 2021.

Pyramix is a musical project founded in 2014 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. An electronic live music band that blends textures and beats from the 80’s and 2000’s, sharing a message of great harmony, love and consciousness in order to inspire people to believe in a new paradigm. Pyramix Project are: Germán Cotonat (Vocals, synths and beats) + Gute Velázquez (Bass GT) + Leo López (GT) Fts: Lyon Pereyra (GT) / Gonzalo Guerra (Live Controller) / Mariano Otero Rey (GT) / Psychonaut (Vocals)

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